Monday, March 12, 2007

Lunchtime Link List

Lunchtime Link List for 3/12/07

The Simple Dollar - Love, Marriage and Money: Should a Couple Combine Their Finances?
An interesting look at how The Simple Dollar divides and conquers his finances. Mrs. Newlywed and I keep a joint checking account, a joint savings account and two separate personal checking accounts for personal use. This is somewhat of a compromise between sharing everything and having separate finances. The important point is that there is no standard, do what works for you as a couple!

Get Rich Slowly - When to Replace Common Household Items: A great post on how long to keep stuff around the house. We just bought a new mattress about a month ago. It was definitely time for the old one to go, and boy what a difference. I have had a perfect night's sleep since we got the new mattress and it was a seriously good investment. We do need new pillows though.

The Stubborn Capitalist
- Early Riser Project: Ever since I read this series, I've been waking up at 6AM on the dot, with no snoozing! It's really a great exercise in self discipline. I encourage everyone to become an early riser!



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